Black Dust is a high end leather brand, that draws on its rich heritage of four generations to produce amazing leather goods.

Black Dust's origin was started by a humble cobbler by the name of Hafeji Umerji Yusuf in 1901 in the city of Bharuch, part of the state of Gujarat in India. Providing bespoke footwear and saddlery for his loyal clients his popularity grew with a good following from the Nawabs of Gujarat. In 1916 the first shop was opened in Gujarat under that name of Imperial Shoe Store catering for the elite and with the support of the local clients. The company also made hand crafted saddles during the time of the British Raj in India.  


In the 1940's the business started to grow and catered for many clients across India. The growth of the company continued in the 1950's and Hafeji Umerji Yusuf's sons Ahmed Sharif, Mahmood Rassid, Saeed Umerji Yusuf, Abdul Hamid, Bashir Umerji Yusuf and Adam Walli all joined the business to support this growth.

 In 1950's Ahmed Sharif emigrated to the United Kingdom and with his passion for the leather good business, he continued the family trade in the United Kingdom and gathered a good client base. In the 1969 he opened a factory under the name of Sharif Fashion in the heart of Whitechapel in East London, to manufacture and produce clothing and leather goods for some of the biggest British high street brands as we know of today.

Today the business continues with the Great grand children of Hafeji Umerji Yusuf. In 2015 the brand Black Dust was created to support the passion and heritage of the high quality leather goods and with the opening of the company's own tannery in India. The amazing designs and quality of the brand were picked up by ASOS in an exclusivity offer for jackets in 2016.  Also in 2016 we celebrated a 100 years of the company's first store that opened in India in 1916, that is still owned and managed by the family today.  In 2017 a new direction of growth was developed in launching a new website showcasing the company's amazing designs and products. 

The business and brand is still in the same family, with this passion it will continue to be part of the family's future generation to come.